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Draft for article:

Java work from home.
(Java and self-employment)
Where and how to get remote (telecommuting) job

Special services in the Internet
Links to Special services in the Internet
Some more Links
Writing technical articles
Direct job from an employer
Writing Shareware Program

Forum page, where you can discuss this article.

From time to time, especially during crisis periods I hear from other Java developers -
my friends and colleagues ideas about self-employment.
People start to think - why should I work for my boss, if I can work for myself?
Why not be a self-employed freelancer?
If I am a Java programmer, why not to try to create some programs and sell them?

OK, then. I've been programming Java since 1999.
And I have more then 10 years of hand-on experience as a self-employee.
May be I can generate some ideas for those, who want to try this road - to be self-employed.

- First question - Who are you?
I suppose that you are professional Java programmer with good skills.
This article is mainly for Java developers, but may be it would be useful for people with other

- Are you ready to find Java job by yourself? Spend your time, etc.?
- Are you able to be self-motivated
(as a rule all programmers have independent character
and this question is rather rhetorical)

All your answers are 'yes'.

What kind of job, as a Java developer you can do from home?

Click Here! Technical writing jobs.

You can use special services in the Internet,
where you can find some real jobs for you.

Attention! There are a lot of 'false services' in the Internet, where their owners promise you millions
of jobs and billions of backs and all you need is just spend some money for 'magic DVD' with
'magic software tools'. Don't be naive, don't believe them.
In my page you can find links to real sites, not just pretenders (as I suppose - :) ).

After some investigation, you can find that there are some leaders in this field.


Elance is one of most reputable place, where you can find good telecommuting job.
It is pretty complicated system, but they have a good documentation - how to use their system -
how to take part in competition, how to communicate with the client, etc.
Also they have a set of videos for beginners - how to work with the Elance.
They call all these 'Elance University'.
You can find these video on YouTube server.
They filter service providers and clients and can help you in case of dispute
between service provider and your client, registered on Elance.
A lot of developers work on Elance.
Jobs are pretty good on the Elance.


oDesk is also outstanding place for telecommuters. They are special.
oDesk has interesting conception - you can job and be hired on hourly basis.
This is the main market idea of the oDesk.
You can work as you work in the office.
oDesk provide good software tools for you and for your remote boss.
And it is easy to control - what are you doing now, at this very moment.
Special software do screen shoots, save them on the server as a log and client can see your work history.
On oDesk it is possible to organize something like your own 'virtual business',
where you can be a boss of remote group of developers and control what they are doing.
oDesk software propose several roles for users.
oDesk has proven system of payments.


RentACoder is popular place, where you can get short-time job, if you are web designer, programmer, etc.
Sometimes you can find there interesting project for Java developers.
But as a rule these projects are not too big and expensive.
Anywhere - it is reputable place where you can get telecommuting job.


Guru.com is a place, where you can get telecommuting job.
Sometimes you can find there really good projects.
But it is relatively expensive service and there are not so many Java projects there.

Her is a list of links to web sites, where Java programmers can find remote (telecommuting) job:











Also you can find some telecommuting even on some of 'general purpose' IT job sites:

(TODO: Picture with point - where to click on check box for telecommuting jobs only)















You can write technical articles and tutorials.

Then you can sell them to on-line/off-line magazines, etc.
Right now I am not ready to give you the list of links (may be in a several days,
in the next version of this article).

Also you can just place such an articles on your own web page and place ads there.
Usually this can generate too small revenue. It is not enough for living, but it's better then nothing.
In very rear cases your article may be super popular and you can get pretty penny.

You can find your job directly from employer.

Many years ago it was possible to send balk value emails to many firms
and get some job from them. Now I think it's over.
You still can send e-mails, but incoming email filters may suspect that you are spammer
and part of your emails (not spam e-mails in reality!) may be blocked.

You can write shareware program and sell it from your site and/or
from special file archives and mediator sites.

To be continued...
Next article -

Java and shareware

Here there is a question - Is Java suitable for shareware?
There are a lot of technical questions here - for example -
How to protect the code from hackers?
How to use it for this purpose - for example how to create EXE file from Java code?
How you can get some money from your client?

To be continued...


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