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PICkit2 - Tutorials, Experiments
PICkit 2 - Small size USB programmer
from Microchip.
How to use it as a demo device for
USB programming in C language

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Experiments with PICkit 2
PICkit 2 is a Small size USB programmer
from Microchip.
How to use it as a demo device for
USB programming in C language


PICkit 2 - Small size USB programmer from Microchip
What you can do with it

Articles about PICkit 2

How to use PICkit 2 as USB demo board

Which PIC devices can be programmed by PICkit 2

CCS PIC C compiler.
Demo version from PICkit 2 box,
How to use it. What can be done by this version.

Next articles (not ready yet):

How to use 44-pin demo-board of PICkit 2 set
with PIC16F887
as a brain of small home-made robot.

How to use in robotics light/image sensor of cheap
optical mouse as a local position finder.

How to use cheap optical mouse instead of gyroscope.
Source code in C for PIC16F887 for this.

Supported devices:
(List of devices, which you can program with special program 'PICkit 2'.)

* Indicates new parts supported with v1.40 of the device file.

+ Indicates parts that require 4.75V minimum VDD for programming.
PICkit 2 may not be able to generate sufficiently high VDD,
so an external 5.0v power supply may be required.

# indicates Midrange parts that support low Vdd programming

Baseline Devices
PIC10F200 PIC10F202 PIC10F204 PIC10F206
PIC10F220 PIC10F222
PIC12F508 PIC12F509 PIC12F510 PIC12F519
PIC16F505 PIC16F506
PIC16F54 PIC16F57 PIC16F59

Midrange Devices
PIC12F609 PIC12HV609
PIC12F615 PIC12HV615
PIC12F629 PIC12F635# PIC12F675 PIC12F683#
PIC16F610 PIC16HV610 PIC16F616 PIC16HV616
PIC16F627 PIC16F628 PIC16F639
PIC16F627A PIC16F628A PIC16F648A
PIC16F630 PIC16F631 PIC16F636# PIC16F676
PIC16F677 PIC16F684# PIC16F685# PIC16F687#
PIC16F688# PIC16F689# PIC16F690#
PIC16F73+ PIC16F74+ PIC16F76+ PIC16F77+
PIC16F737+ PIC16F747+ PIC16F767+ PIC16F777+
PIC16F785 PIC16HV785
PIC16F84A PIC16F87# PIC16F88#
PIC16F818# PIC16F819#
PIC16F870 PIC16F871 PIC16F872
PIC16F873 PIC16F874 PIC16F876 PIC16F877
PIC16F873A PIC16F874A PIC16F876A PIC16F877A
PIC16F883# PIC16F884# PIC16F886# PIC16F887#
PIC16F913# PIC16F914# PIC16F916# PIC16F917#

PIC18F Devices
PIC18F242 PIC18F252 PIC18F442 PIC18F452
PIC18F248 PIC18F258 PIC18F448 PIC18F458
PIC18F1220 PIC18F1320 PIC18F2220
PIC18F1230 PIC18F1330
PIC18F2221 PIC18F2320 PIC18F2321 PIC18F2331
PIC18F2410 PIC18F2420 PIC18F2423 PIC18F2431
PIC18F2450 PIC18F2455 PIC18F2458* PIC18F2480
PIC18F2510 PIC18F2515 PIC18F2520 PIC18F2523
PIC18F2525 PIC18F2550 PIC18F2553* PIC18F2580
PIC18F2610 PIC18F2620 PIC18F2680 PIC18F2682
PIC18F4220 PIC18F4221 PIC18F4320 PIC18F4321
PIC18F4331 PIC18F4410 PIC18F4420 PIC18F4423
PIC18F4431 PIC18F4450 PIC18F4455 PIC18F4458*
PIC18F4510 PIC18F4515 PIC18F4520 PIC18F4523
PIC18F4525 PIC18F4550 PIC18F4553* PIC18F4580
PIC18F4610 PIC18F4620 PIC18F4680 PIC18F4682
PIC18F4685 PIC18F6310 PIC18F6390 PIC18F6410
PIC18F6490 PIC18F6520 PIC18F6525 PIC18F6527
PIC18F6585 PIC18F6620 PIC18F6621 PIC18F6622
PIC18F6627 PIC18F6628* PIC18F6680 PIC18F6720
PIC18F6722 PIC18F6723*
PIC18F8310 PIC18F8390 PIC18F8410 PIC18F8490
PIC18F8520 PIC18F8525 PIC18F8527 PIC18F8585
PIC18F8620 PIC18F8621 PIC18F8622 PIC18F8627
PIC18F8680 PIC18F8720 PIC18F8722 PIC18F8723*

PIC18F_J_ Devices
PIC18F24J10 PIC18F25J10 PIC18F44J10 PIC18F45J10
PIC18LF24J10 PIC18LF25J10 PIC18LF44J10 PIC18LF45J10
PIC18F63J11* PIC18F63J90* PIC18F64J11* PIC18F64J90*
PIC18F65J10 PIC18F65J11 PIC18F65J15 PIC18F65J50*
PIC18F66J10 PIC18F66J11 PIC18F66J15 PIC18F66J16
PIC18F66J50* PIC18F66J55* PIC18F66J60 PIC18F66J65
PIC18F67J10 PIC18F67J11 PIC18F67J50* PIC18F67J60
PIC18F83J11 PIC18F83J90 PIC18F84J11 PIC18F84J90
PIC18F85J10 PIC18F85J11 PIC18F85J15 PIC18F85J50*
PIC18F86J10 PIC18F86J11 PIC18F86J15 PIC18F86J16
PIC18F86J50* PIC18F86J55* PIC18F86J60 PIC18F86J65
PIC18F87J10 PIC18F87J11 PIC18F87J50* PIC18F87J60
PIC18F96J60 PIC18F96J65 PIC18F97J60

PIC18F_K_ Devices
PIC18F25K20 PIC18F45K20

PIC24 Devices
PIC24FJ16GA002 PIC24FJ16GA004
PIC24FJ32GA002 PIC24FJ32GA004
PIC24FJ48GA002 PIC24FJ48GA004
PIC24FJ64GA002 PIC24FJ64GA004
PIC24FJ64GA006 PIC24FJ64GA008 PIC24FJ64GA010
PIC24FJ96GA006 PIC24FJ96GA008 PIC24FJ96GA010
PIC24FJ128GA006 PIC24FJ128GA008 PIC24FJ128GA010

PIC24HJ12GP201* PIC24HJ12GP202*
PIC24HJ64GP206 PIC24HJ64GP210 PIC24HJ64GP506
PIC24HJ128GP206 PIC24HJ128GP210 PIC24HJ128GP306
PIC24HJ128GP310 PIC24HJ128GP506 PIC24HJ128GP510
PIC24HJ256GP206 PIC24HJ256GP210 PIC24HJ256GP610

dsPIC33 Devices
dsPIC33FJ12GP201* dsPIC33FJ12GP202*
dsPIC33FJ64GP206 dsPIC33FJ64GP306 dsPIC33FJ64GP310
dsPIC33FJ64GP706 dsPIC33FJ64GP708 dsPIC33FJ64GP710
dsPIC33FJ128GP206 dsPIC33FJ128GP306 dsPIC33FJ128GP310
dsPIC33FJ128GP706 dsPIC33FJ128GP708 dsPIC33FJ128GP710
dsPIC33FJ256GP506 dsPIC33FJ256GP510 dsPIC33FJ256GP710

dsPIC33FJ12MC201* dsPIC33FJ12MC202*
dsPIC33FJ64MC506 dsPIC33FJ64MC508 dsPIC33FJ64MC510
dsPIC33FJ64MC706 dsPIC33FJ64MC710
dsPIC33FJ128MC506 dsPIC33FJ128MC510 dsPIC33FJ128MC706
dsPIC33FJ128MC708 dsPIC33FJ128MC710
dsPIC33FJ256MC510 dsPIC33FJ256MC710

dsPIC30 Devices
dsPIC30F2010 dsPIC30F2011 dsPIC30F2012
dsPIC30F3010 dsPIC30F3011 dsPIC30F3012
dsPIC30F3013 dsPIC30F3014
dsPIC30F4011 dsPIC30F4012 dsPIC30F4013
dsPIC30F5011 dsPIC30F5013 dsPIC30F5015
dsPIC30F6010A dsPIC30F6011A dsPIC30F6012A
dsPIC30F6013A dsPIC30F6014A dsPIC30F6015

dsPIC30 SMPS Devices
dsPIC30F2020 dsPIC30F2023

HCS200* HCS201* HCS300* HCS301* HCS320*
HCS360* HCS361* HCS362*

See Release Notes V2.40.00 for more information.

Serial EEPROM Devices
NOTE: Other supported voltage grades are listed in paratheses
next to the device. Select the "LC" part number to program
these other voltage grades.

24LC00 (AA)(C)* 25LC010A (AA)*
24LC01B (AA)* 25LC020A (AA)*
24LC02B (AA)* 25LC040A (AA)*
24LC04B (AA)* 25LC080A (AA)*
24LC08B (AA)* 25LC080B (AA)*
24LC16B (AA)* 25LC160A (AA)*
24LC32A (AA)* 25LC160B (AA)*
24LC64 (AA)(FC)* 25LC320A (AA)*
24LC128 (AA)(FC)*
24LC256 (AA)(FC)* 25LC256 (AA)*
24LC512 (AA)(FC)*
24LC1025 (AA)(FC)* 25LC1024 (AA)*

93LC46A/B/C (AA)(C)*
93LC56A/B/C (AA)(C)*
93LC66A/B/C (AA)(C)*
93LC76A/B/C (AA)(C)*
93LC86A/B/C (AA)(C)*


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