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Compact notebook table
How to make compact notebook table

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Portable Notebook Table
How to make Portable Notebook Table.
Do it yourself!


Portable wooden notebook table
Do it yourself!

How to make small compact wooden device to help people to work on notebook, lying in bed.

The purpose of this page is to help people with some basic knowledge of joiner's work
to create simple table for laptop/notebook.

You should not be a professional carpenter, but some knowledge is required.

I want to present new version of my small portable table for notebook.
Here you can see some photos of this special device.

Also I will try to publish some drawings and plans of the table.

The article is not ready yet, but you can see some pictures of this small wooden table.

How to use home-made compact notebook table
View of portable notebook table
Some historical notes

Some years ago I had some problems with my heals.
I felt pain in my legs and it was not possible for me to sit on chair more then several minutes.
Thank heavens I could walk and even run and ride my bicycle, but work in sitting position
was a problem. The story is -
I worked as a head of small group of telecommuters for one small business company in the USA.
The company produced small hardware devices, which were able to gather some technical data
on the fields and send them to our server.
Our group of Java programmers created central part of data gathering system.
It was interesting and pretty complicated system.
It could possible not only to see data from devices on the Web, to receive reports via e-mail,
but also it was possible to make automatic phone calls to operators.
Our system worked in many states in the USA, especially in South-East part of the country.
That was the best time of my life.

But in one day all turned to bad.
It was in 2005.
Hurricane Katrina came to the territory, where our devices were placed.

It was terrible.
All the data were mixed. The devices started to send strange data.
And it was impossible to run any automatic procedure to repair data.
That job was very important and we understood, that we should do our best and correct the data.
We worked day-and-night, trying to make manual corrections in the data.
And suddenly, after several days of such a heavy job I felt a big pain under back side my knees.

That was start of dramatic changes of my life.
Something went wrong in my legs and in my back and finally in December 2006 I felt so strong pain,
that I could hardly walk.
I tried to change my chair, tried to use special, very expensive chair,
then I used small chair, then worked upright, but nothing helped.
Finally, in May 2007 I had to bought notebook and start to work lying in a bed.

Soon I found, that it is not so easy to use notebook without special additional device.
I found that it is not handy to use notebook "as is".
Also I found warning in documentation of my notebook, that I should not place notebook right
to my body.
Notebook producer said that I should keep it far from my body.

And I started my long way for creation of my own construction of special device,
which can help me to work on notebook, lying in a bed.

First device was very simple and it was made of plywood
and it was not possible to fold it.
I have some photos of that device.
Sorry for bad quality of that pictures.

Now I created new version of the table.

How to make Portable Notebook Table
Portable Notebook Table. Part 1
Portable Notebook Table. Part 2
Portable Notebook Table. Part 3
Portable Notebook Table. Part 4
Portable Notebook Table. Part 5
Portable Notebook Table. Part 6
Portable Notebook Table. PICT0007
Portable Notebook Table. PICT0010
Portable Notebook Table. PICT0011
Portable Notebook Table. PICT0014
Portable Notebook Table. PICT0015
Portable Notebook Table. PICT0017
Portable Notebook Table. PICT0019
Portable Notebook Table. PICT0020
Portable Notebook Table. PICT0021
Portable Notebook Table. PICT0023
Portable Notebook Table. PICT0029
Portable Notebook Table. PICT0034
Portable Notebook Table. PICT0035
Portable Notebook Table. PICT0038
Portable Notebook Table. PICT0042
Portable Notebook Table. PICT0044
Portable Notebook Table. PICT0045
Portable Notebook Table. PICT0048
Portable Notebook Table. PICT0050
Portable Notebook Table. PICT0055


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