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Under Linux
Install and Run RoboHobby application under

Under Windows
Install and Run RoboHobby application under
MS Windows XP

Download RoboHoby Software

Load to your phone
Download RoboHobbyJ2ME application
right to your Siemens S75 cell phone.
Now no need to load it to PC, unzip, etc.

RoboHobby Linux Live CD
RoboHobby Linux Live CD
is ready for download.


Run RoboHobby software under KNOPPIX 5.0

RoboHobby is Java/SWING application is written in Java, using SWING GUI.

Theoretically it should work everywhere - under every OS, where JVM is installed.
Practically it was tested under Windows XP and KNOPPIX 5.0.
In reality this application is designed mainly for KNOPPIX 5.0.
(KNOPPIX is Debian-based Linux Live CD).
But some functionality works under Windows XP too.

Right now there are 3 ways to run RoboHobby software:
1) Load KNOPPIX-based RoboHobby Linux Live CD
2) Run RoboHobby software under KNOPPIX 5.0 (See instructions)
3) Run RoboHobby software under Windows (tested under Windows XP)

RoboHobby Linux Live CD

We created our own Live CD, based on KNOPPIX 5.0.
We removed some applications from standard KNOPPIX 5.0, but it still is pretty big - about 500Mb.
This CD is ready to be used.
All the soft is configured and installed on this CD.
And all you need is just insert it to CD-Drive and re-start your PC.
Now we are looking for a good hosting, where we can place image of our Live CD.

Our own Live Linux CD is the best way to run our application.
We are working on improvement of this CD.

RoboHobby Linux Live CD

Run RoboHobby software under standard KNOPPIX 5.0

To be able to work with local video on KNOPPIX (tested with KNOPPIX 5.0), you should:
Download KNOPPIX 5.0:

There are a lot of ways how to get KNOPPIX CD. I use this URL, for example:

If you don't have JRE installed on you PC, download it from SUN's web site.
There may be some problems with JRE 1.4_2. JRE 1.4_2 is NOT recommended.
The application works good under JRE 1.5 and 1.6.
(Chose to download - Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 6)

Linux self-extracting file jre-6-linux-i586.bin 18.09 MB

NOTE: Initially KNOPPIX 5.0 goes with JRE 1.4_2 for Linux. There is pre-installed version of JRE 1.4_2 on that CD.
JRE 1.4_2 is OK for working with BlueTooth feature and for local video too.
BUT (!) you will NOT be able to work with RoboHobby server, because of some bugs (or some features?) in the JRE 1.4_2.
If you want to work with RoboHobby server (see images from our robot and send commands to it) you should have JRE 1.5 or JRE 1.6.

To be able to work with local video you should have USB web camera, compatible with SPCA project.

NOTE: Not all the cameras in the World is able to work with SPCA.
I recommend Genius VideoCAM GE111
This device works pretty good under Linux and under Windows too.

Genius VideoCAM GE111

Also I recommend Genius Web Cam Look 312P
It works really good under Linux and under Windows too.

Genius Look 312P Unpack 01
Genius Look 312P Unpack 02

See list of supported cameras:
(Or load copy of this list from my site: SPCA_LIST.ZIP)
We tested our application with Genius VideoCAM GE111.
Also we tested our application with Genius VideoCAM Look 312P.
Theoretically it should work with all web cameras from SPCA list.

You should download JMF (Java Media Framework) from SUN's web site.

See URL:

You should choose:
Windows Platform - Java(TM) Media Framework (JMF) 2.1.1e
Windows Performance Pack | jmf-2_1_1e-windows-i586.exe | 4.98 MB

Download and install our software:
RoboHobby.zip and

Unzip RoboHobby.zip copy directory RoboHobby to where you want, for example to /RohoHobby

Unzip RoboHobbyLinux.zip and copy directory RoboHobbyLinux EXECTLY to /RohoHobbyLinux
NOTE: This path is hardcoded. That means you should not put this directory to any other place, like /usr/local/RoboHobbyLinux.
It should be only in the root directory:

Get root rights: sudo su<Enter>

Go to the /RohoHobby directory and run 'sh ./robo.sh'

To be able to work with Blue Tooth cell phone you should have Blue Tooth USB adapter, compatible with Linux Bluez utility.

(Or load copy of this list from my site: BlueTooth_Linux_List.zip)

I recommend Blue Tooth adapter Tekram TM-306.
This device work pretty good under Linux and under Windows too.

Blue Tooth adapter Tekram TM-306

As Blue Tooth enable phone you should use Siemens S75.
Right now our application is tested only for this phone.

We did some tests for Siemens C65 and Siemens C75.
But current version works with S75 only.
We have lost our Siemens C65
Do NOT ask me how and why we have lost it, ho-ho-ho :-)


Contact us:

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