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See some screenshots of RoboHobby
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Local Video
See some screenshots of Local Video
system of RoboHobby
Java/SWING application

Server Login
Screenshots of server login
process of RoboHobby
Java/SWING application

Working with Server
Screenshots of
process of working with
RoboHobby application

Set Parameters
How to set parameters
of SWING application

Target Color
How to set target by

Linux BlueTooth
How to use Bluetooth
under Linux

How to send commands
to the robot

Info Screens
Screen with info


Working with Linux BlueTooth

Under Linux the system is able to get images from BlueTooth cell phones (tested only with Siemens S75).

NOTE: This feature does NOT work under Windows yet.

First of all you should put correct Remote Device ID of your phone.
You should choose BlueTooth Settings.

Remote Device ID is very important thing.
You can know it if you run your standard software, like BlueSoliel,
when you say your phone to trust your PC.
You should know it and you should
inform the application about this number.

Them you can choose target color - just click on video window.

Now the systen will follow choosen target.

BlueTooth - sending command from Linux computer to bluetooth cell phone (Siemens S75).

BlueTooth - Receiving image from cell phone.


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